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Humble Hearts

Humble Hearts

Much Needed Support

Humble Hearts provides pre-kindergarten through secondary education (up to the equivalent of 12th grade in the U.S. school system). About a quarter of the students live at Humble Hearts, either because they are orphans or because their families can no longer care for them.

In addition to room and board and schooling, the children also receive basic health care services from a staff health coordinator, and those who are hearing impaired are provided with hearing aids where applicable.

Angel Covers supports Humble Hearts by providing the school with much-needed supplies such as multivitamins for the children, classroom renovation, and hot lunches.

We also support individual students directly.  Sponsorship of a Humble Hearts student covers their school fees and provides them with their classroom supplies, desks, and textbooks, as well as covering the costs of their health care.

A number of children have graduated from Humble Hearts School with their secondary school leaving certificate (equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma), and many have gone on to pursue higher studies.

Mrs. Beatrice Anunda, director of Humble Hearts since its inception, says, “My greatest pleasure is to see a child who arrived at Humble Hearts scared and withdrawn, unable to communicate with the outside world, blossom, learn, make friends and, eventually, leave us to make their way in the world.”

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Country: Kenya
Country: Kenya

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