Edwin | Nairobi | 2004



Edwin has a shy demeanor, but he knows that he is destined to be a star – a star of the kitchen, that is. Edwin plans on becoming a chef. He knows how important it is that he get an education and learn a trade so that he can provide for himself and his family. When he graduates from secondary school, he plans to go on to culinary school in Nairobi. Edwin is the oldest of five children. He came to Humble Hearts after losing his oldest sister, who died because there wasn’t enough money to take her to the hospital. His mother struggles to make ends meet caring for his three siblings as well as the two small children his sister left behind. Edwin does not have a sponsor, so he needs either one sponsor at $30/month or $360/year, or two sponsors at $15/month or $180/year each.

Raising a family in the slums of Nairobi, where poverty is widespread and opportunities are few and far between, is challenging. Raising a deaf child in a culture that sees deafness as a curse upon the family can be nearly impossible.…