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The Humble Hearts Fruit Program

Mar 3 2020

An apple a day is…a luxury item? For many of us, it’s a staple of our day-to-day diet.

In Kenya, a piece of fruit is a luxury item. For many poor families, the average cost of $0.25 for a piece of fruit is a considerable sum. As a result, most children living in poverty are unlikely to have even one piece of fruit per week. By comparison, beans, rice, and corn are relatively cheap and are often the basis of the meals fed to the children.

Thanks to wonderful donors, we have been able to provide one piece of fruit per week to the children who live at Humble Hearts School; however, we want to expand the program to include the day students. With your generosity, we can continue to provide fruit at least once a week to all the children at the school.


Our Goal
To receive adequate funding to provide fruit to all students year-round.