Why does Angel Covers focus on the needs of children outside the United States?

We recognize that there are needs and opportunities in all parts of the world- domestically and abroad. We have witnessed poverty and need in Asia and Africa and believe we can utilize American wealth to make a difference in countries where the US dollar goes farther.  Regarding our programs, we value and implement a decolonized, culturally sensitive approach to development. We go into communities not looking to change cultural practices or religion but to partner with local populations to help provide vital services.

What makes Angel Covers so different from other nonprofits that help children?

We are community driven and child-focused. While our programs may benefit the entire community, our goal is to create a better world for vulnerable children growing up in rural communities. We recognize that to provide sustainable solutions, we need to work within the context of the community.

As outsiders, we equip insiders. We take a decolonized approach to development by working within the community to provide solutions and never press western perspectives. We rely on in-country staff members to facilitate programs because they know their communities best.

Our work takes place in rural and remote regions. These areas present unique challenges for communities, often meaning low access to adequate healthcare or vulnerabilities to lost education.


What’s next for Angel Covers?

We recognize that good development is long-term. It is harmful to communities to start a project or program and then abruptly stop it. Therefore, we only expand when we can do so sustainably. However, there is no shortage of need in the countries where we work, and we have expansion plans in both Thailand and Kenya.

Which of your programs is in greatest demand at the present time?

We have expansion plans for both Kenya and Thailand and need funding for both.

How can someone support Angel Covers?

While we welcome all kinds of support, the most effective support are financial contributions.

Is Angel Covers a United Way agency?

At this time, Angel Covers does not receive grants or support from The United Way; however, we can and do accept matching funds from corporate programs.

What are the organization’s biggest challenges?

Being a small nonprofit limits our ability to provide as much support and care as we’d like to the children in our programs. There are so many who we cannot reach due to limited resources and funding. Attracting dedicated volunteers is an ongoing need as well. Without volunteers, our programs cannot grow as quickly to meet the demand. As with many nonprofit agencies, funding is an ever-constant focus. We are careful about how we use the funds we receive and welcome donations throughout the year.

Does Angel Covers partner with other organizations?

We will work with other nonprofits whose mission and goals align with Angel Covers. We use a strong partner vetting process to ensure that we are providing the best possible programs.

What percent of donations goes towards administration? 

As an organization long run solely by volunteers, Angel Covers utilizes the majority of donor dollars towards programs. Money spent on administration is to support the organization’s mission and vision and ensure its growth and sustainability. Currently, approximately 90% of every dollar goes towards direct program costs.

How can I find out more about Angel Covers?

We invite and encourage you to learn more by reading content on other pages of our website to learn more about our programs, opportunities for sponsorships, and how to volunteer. You can also find us through Guidestar or Charity Navigator.

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