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We believe that every child deserves a future no matter where they are born.

In order to grow up with health and opportunity, every child needs access to healthcare and education.

Angel Covers tackles the two things that rob children of a future in rural regions of the developing world. 

Without health and education, children grow up with disease and poverty.

We work within communities to provide vital services that give children lives full of opportunity and health.


Education is a powerful tool, particularly for girls. According to the World Bank, for every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by as much as 11%. Educating girls is, quite simply, key to tackling global poverty.

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Vill-Angel Medical Clinic

Prior To the Vill-Angel Medical Clinic in rural Kenya, community members had little to no options for healthcare. The nearest clinic was far away, and with poor road conditions and floods, sometimes it was impossible to get vital healthcare. The community regularly experiences malaria, pneumonia, and infections. These are all curable diseases, but they can be fatal without healthcare. Working with a local medical practitioner Julius, Angel Covers started the clinic to provide much-needed services in this region.