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We believe that every child is invaluable to the world.

In order to become a healthy, productive adult, every child needs four things:

Health Care
Shelter & Caregiving

Angel Covers provides holistic care to meet these needs for orphaned and impoverished children.

Our aim is to see that children have the tools that they need to become self-sufficient adults and break the bonds of poverty.


Education is a powerful tool, particularly for girls. According to the World Bank, for every extra year a girl stays in school, her income can increase by as much as 11%. Educating girls is, quite simply, key to tackling global poverty.

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Vill-Angel Clinic

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Humble Hearts

Providing deaf and impoverished children in Kenya with a nurturing environment and education is the goal that drives Humble Hearts School, which was established in Nairobi in 2003. Today Humble Hearts welcomes 200 students, of whom 40 are deaf.

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Trade School

Education is only the beginning. To make your way in the world, you need more than just an education – you also need skills. Skills that will enable you to get a job and be self-sufficient. See the careers to which our graduates aspire here:

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Mama’s Wish

Mama’s Wish, established in 2005, is Angel Covers’ Tibetan education program focused on improving the lives of children on the Tibetan Plateau. Effective 2018, the programs are temporarily suspended due to changes in Chinese law, which began prohibiting most foreign NGOs from distributing funds within China. We remain hopeful that we will be able to reopen our Tibetan programs, which have helped thousands of children with their education and nutritional needs.

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