About Us

It was a visit to China that led to the foundation of Angel Covers. In 2001, Kari Fillmore, a Colorado native, was visiting an orphanage in Anhui Province when she was distressed to see that the orphanage lacked many of the bare essentials needed to care for the children – some of them did not even have blankets. Determined to see to it that these innocents should have at least one blanket or cover, she returned home and, together with a friend, launched Angel Covers to provide supplies to the orphanage in China. Over the years since then, Angel Covers has grown to provide support to programs and orphanages in more than 25 countries.

Angel Covers is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions may be tax-deductible for U.S. tax reporting purposes. Please consult your tax professional.

Our Vision and Mission


At Angel Covers, we want every child growing up in rural regions of the developing world to have lives full of health and opportunity by addressing the two main things that rob them of their futures: lack of education and no or low access to healthcare.


Angel Covers is a global development organization strengthening healthcare and education in rural communities where children are vulnerable to malnutrition, trafficking, and disease to ensure every child’s life is full of health and opportunity.

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