Angela has been working on behalf of children in need since 2001 and with Angel Covers since 2005. As Education Director, she has facilitated the education of hundreds of orphaned and impoverished children. Whether working towards preventing child marriage on the Tibetan Plateau, or helping to prevent the trafficking of at-risk girls in Thailand, she knows that assisting girls to… Read More

Jessica (Jessie) Bauer is a graduate student of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Originally from the Midwest, she has traveled the world, having visited 13 countries, and she has no plans of stopping there! When she isn’t globe-trotting, Jessie spends her time expanding her knowledge… Read More

Lily is a student at Stanford University, where she is pursuing her MS in Computer Science. She graduated from Stanford in 2022, with a BS in Symbolic Systems and a minor in Modern Languages. She has volunteered for Angel Covers in the girls’ education programs since 2007, and has traveled to China/Tibet and Thailand several times as GATE Education Manager.… Read More

Mee graduated from Chiang Mai University in 2011. She has worked with girls in need of help in northern Thailand for nine years. She was born into a very poor family in a remote mountain village, where there was little food and no school. Without parental supervision, she was constantly hungry, tired, and worried. In her early years, she thought… Read More

Gan is an occupational nurse in northern Thailand, and has a profound love for helping Thai people. As GATE Facilitator in Chiang Rai, Gan helps to alleviate poverty and prevent trafficking by working closely with the girls in our pilot program. When she’s not working or volunteering, she loves reading, gardening in her field, and talking with people. Gan attributes… Read More

The United States-based staff are all volunteers; staff overseas may be paid a salary commensurate with local wages.