Core Values

Healthcare and Education.

The eyes of a child are windows to a world of possibilities. Sadly, many futures are stolen every day from preventable causes. For children growing up in rural regions of the developing world, their futures are at risk. If a boy in rural Kenya contracts a preventable disease but has no access to proper healthcare, he may not recover. If a girl in Thailand can no longer attend school because she lacks the means to get there or the essential supplies, she is vulnerable to trafficking. We work within communities to provide the needed structural support so that children receive the healthcare and education they need to grow up well.

Community Focused Care

We work within the community to not just provide vital health services but to improve overall health through education. We employ a holistic approach to healthcare that involves engaging with the community. Our aim is not only to provide essential health services for treating common ailments such as malaria and malnutrition but also to work within the community by organizing key educational initiatives that proactively…

Access to Healthcare

Rural sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the most difficult places to access healthcare. Every day, countless people die from preventable causes due to a lack of access to healthcare, particularly in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Medical care is scarce in this region, and the nearest hospital can be hours away, posing significant challenges, especially during emergencies. Sadly, the most vulnerable groups, including newborns, infants, and mothers,…

Highly Dedicated Staff

Our clinical team is dedicated to providing vital healthcare in a low resource setting. In rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, it can be very challenging to recruit and retain dedicated and trained healthcare workers. The pay is often lower, and health universities are concentrated in urban areas, creating a natural job pipeline. Furthermore, rural areas present more challenges than urban areas. For example, access to…