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Core Values

Nutrition. Health Care. Shelter. Education.

At Angel Covers, we believe these four things are essential for all children, and our mission is to provide holistic care to children based on these four values.

Click here to download the World Health Organization’s most recent Global Nutrition Report.  Download the Report


The World Health Organization warns that malnutrition may lead to delayed mental and motor development that can have adverse effects even beyond childhood. It is well known that nutrition plays a key role in the physical development of every child – the proper growth of bones, muscles, and brain cells is dependent on the sustained provision of healthy, nutritious food with the right combination of…

Health Care

Health care is a basic human right, and at Angel Covers, we believe that every child should have access to health care services to ensure good health. Even seemingly healthy children can have problems that are not always visible, the result of unbalanced diets and stressful or unsanitary living environments. Routine “well child” exams are considered standard care in developed countries, and Angel Covers is…


We take it for granted that everyone should have a home. But for many children in this world, having a bed to sleep in, a safe roof over their head, and clean clothes to wear are luxuries that are out of reach. And too many children don’t know what it’s like to have loving parents to tuck them in at night. At Angel Covers, we…


Education is the key to success. By providing orphaned and destitute children with basic education, we hope to empower them to become self-sufficient. We aim to help these children become adults who will break the cycle of poverty. By supporting education from kindergarten through 12th grade, the Humble Hearts School in Nairobi, Kenya, Angel Covers is helping the next generation develop the skills that they…