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Back to School

Jul 10 2020

After nearly four months off due to Covid-19, GATE students returned to school on July 1st.

This semester, schools were closed longer than usual because of Covid-19. Children spent time studying online, and teachers from the schools also brought worksheets for children to do at home. Families suffered because students do not have computers and had to do schoolwork on phones, which required families to pay for extra data service. Children had to sit on the small phone screen for a long time each day. Families, therefore, wanted their children to return to school as soon as it was safe. All schools in Thailand are now open.

Several families were affected by job loss due to Covid, as well as loss of crops due to drought. Because nutrition is important and necessary for the development of children, we bought rice and dry food for many of the families. A large sack of rice will last a small family three months. This was considered case by case, because every family faces different problems and not all families needed this extra nutrition.

The students were all happy to return to school, and look forward to another year of learning.