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Sinlaku Disaster Relief

Aug 12 2020

After months of drought, in early August Tropical Storm Sinlaku caused widespread flooding in Northern Thailand, which has affected students in the GATE Program.

Strong winds and heavy rain left more than 2,000 families homeless, and landslides and flash floods damaged many roads and made the area inaccessible.

Once the waters receded, students and their teachers returned to school to begin cleaning up and recovering from the storm, doing it all with a smile even though so much has been lost. Our students have already been impacted due to Covid-19 and a severe drought; they need even more help now that homes, schools, and fields have been flooded.

Several back-to-school items had just been purchased for the students before the beginning of the school year on July 1st, and were washed away with other personal items. Please help these students move forward by contributing to replace food and clothing; school uniforms, books, and supplies; and other necessary items that were lost in the flood.