Health Care

Health Care

Health care is a basic human right, and at Angel Covers, we believe that every child should have access to health care services to ensure good health. Even seemingly healthy children can have problems that are not always visible, the result of unbalanced diets and stressful or unsanitary living environments.

Routine “well child” exams are considered standard care in developed countries, and Angel Covers is working to ensure that orphaned and disadvantaged children in developing countries also have access to this basic service. At Humble Hearts School in Nairobi, Kenya, a Health Care Coordinator monitors the students’ height and weight, treats injuries and illnesses, and gives lessons to the children on nutrition, physical development, and related topics.

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As anyone with a young child knows, when they fall sick it often means that a parent will have to miss work. For poor rural families in Thailand, taking a child to the doctor can mean a loss of income – and a loss of income means that they can’t feed their family that day. Angel Covers steps in to help families with sick children by supplementing their food so that everyone will have enough to eat.

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