The World Health Organization warns that malnutrition may lead to delayed mental and motor development that can have adverse effects even beyond childhood. It is well known that nutrition plays a key role in the physical development of every child – the proper growth of bones, muscles, and brain cells is dependent on the sustained provision of healthy, nutritious food with the right combination of calories, vitamins, and minerals. Proper nutrition is also essential for mental development, performance, and productivity.

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At Angel Covers, we know how important it is to start with the basics – proper food and nutrition. Our nutrition programs are providing children from birth through high school with essential nutrition. This includes initiatives such as providing school meals at Humble Hearts School in Nairobi, Kenya ensuring that all the children we support receive a daily multivitamin to assist in building healthy bodies.

Kenya is one of the countries in East Africa that has been suffering in recent years from, first, drought, and now flooding, both of which severely impact the availability, quality, and cost of food. For Humble Hearts School, being able to properly feed the children is a daily concern. Our food programs help ease the burden by providing fresh fruit – something which we take for granted but which these children have little or no access to – on a weekly basis.

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Our GATE program in Thailand provides daily lunch and snacks at school, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Often the only good meal the children receive each day are school lunches, because families in poverty aren’t always able to provide enough food for everyone. In those cases, Angel Covers steps in and provides rice, dry foods, and other staples which help to feed the entire family. This can prevent younger siblings who are not yet school age from becoming malnourished, and improve parents’ or grandparents’ immune systems, which can mean missing fewer days from work due to illness. Additionally, families who are subsistence farmers sometimes incur catastrophic losses due to drought or flood. In those cases, we may provide food assistance to help them until new crops can be planted and harvested.

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